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I went into this line largely because of dance. It exposed me to makeup at a young age when I had performances. When I first started experimenting with makeup, I loved how that made me feel, even though looking back now, I looked terrible haha. It provided me with a sense of confidence that I don’t always experience from other things. Also, I’ve had my fair share of Makeup artists making me look worse than I did before makeup. Thus, my purpose and motto for Canvaseety is to Paint People Prettier.


I believe that everyone has their own sense of style and a beautiful feature that makes them unique; be it a really nice nose, flawless skin, beautiful eyes or a great pair of lips. I want to help them embrace their beauty and make them feel good about themselves.


For me, getting a makeover is not just a physical transformation, it should be a therapeutic experience. Seeing clients beam at the end of the makeover, take selfies of themselves after a job, referring or re-engaging me is the greatest compliment I can receive. 

5 years of industry experience

500+ canvases painted to date

• Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry from Cosmoprof 2016

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