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We believe in enhancing the natural beauty of our clients. Our aim is to make them feel good about themselves, and empower them to embrace their own beauty. Thus, birthing our purpose and mission: Painting People Prettier. Our client base is largely made of women who do not apply makeup on a regular basis, and who aspire to look like themselves on their big day or event. Natural does not equate to simple. Our artists have spent years honing their skills to perfect that balance between natural and made up.

Planning a wedding is never an easy feat. Here at Canvaseety Brides, we strive to lighten your planning load. We provide makeover services for Solemnisations, Actual Day, Pre-wedding and Destination Weddings. Not forgetting the other important people in your life, We also provide makeover services for your mums, grandmas, aunts, helpers, sisters, bridesmaids, dads, grooms and many more! Enjoy discounted rates and the ease of dealing with one makeup vendor than with multiple vendors.

Our complimentary  services include:
 Arranging and proposing the timeline for the makeovers
Curating, coordinating and engaging with the other makeup artists on your behalf 
Review your itinerary with you to make sure your day flows smoothly

Canvaseety & Co was launched for all non-wedding makeover services such as dinner and dance, prom, event makeovers, production shoots, fashion shoots, headshots, corporate classes and so on. We understand that the requirements for bridal makeovers and corporate makeovers differ, thus we have a separate rate card for such enquiries. Email us at for our rates!


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Check out our portfolio and rates to see if our style and your budget is aligned

Enquire to check on availability

Let us know your rough schedule
(time & venue)

Confirm the booking with a 50% non-refundable deposit

Receive an invoice that confirms the booking

Further discussions on itinerary and style preferences

Actual day! Rest well and get ready to enjoy your special day
(Remaining payment is due on event date)

The Artists

The Artists


Shu Zhen

Founder & Chair Artist

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Shu Zhen founded Canvaseety back in 2015. After completing her Bachelors in Banking and Finance, she knew she did not want to join the rat race, therefore she decided to take a leap of faith to pursue being a Makeup Artist, and the rest is history. She is known for her gentle hands and expertise to enhance the natural beauty of her clients.  Her usual style gravitates towards a clean and natural finish. Having said that, she started getting into makeup largely because of dance, thus she is also proficient in more dramatic makeup styles when requested. Her clients have reviewed that Shu Zhen is approachable, professional and reliable. With 8 years of experience in the industry, you know you'll be in safe hands when you have her as your wedding makeup artist!

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Core Artist

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Drea is a young, aspiring makeup artist. With her background in graphic design, she has a keen sense of beauty. She is constantly learning and upgrading her skills to provide the best version of herself for her clients. She is proficient is both bridal and corporate works and has worked with artists such as Benjamin Kheng. She has been working and training under Canvaseety since 2020 and has received plenty of great reviews from our clients.



Canvas Artist

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Klaryce studied chinese medicine and used to be a TCM physician before joining the makeup industry. Her past experience as a physician makes placing her clients first a natural habit. Her sense of beauty matches the company's vision and she is able to replicate the clean and natural makeup look easily. She just joined the team at the beginning of 2023. She may seem shy at first, but warms up quickly and you may even get some health tips while getting made up with her!


Dear future artist,

Having been part of a team previously, I understand the need for both the freedom to express your own art as an artist and the guidance required to navigate through this industry. I want to build a team where my artists have the creative freedom to market themselves, and provide a safe space to learn and to grow I believe in investing in talent. What you can expect from being in my team are complimentary trainings, prompt payments, a structured and fair pay increment. You will also be remunerated more for the bookings you bring in. If this sounds like a team you would like to work in, drop me an email and I'd be happy to meet you for a chat!

p.s.: I'm looking for artists who have gone through basic artistry training and already possess a full set of makeup and hair kit

Love, Shu

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