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actual day packages



 The most comprehensive package for your complete need.



Curated with a trial and change-up. Everything you need for your actual day.



Packaged with a trial, great for those who can't decide what style suits them best



Bundled with just a change-up, perfect for those who have a packed schedule,



Just a bridal makeover, fuss-free and simple.
+$520 for an additional fresh look

SOLO. 1600

1 bridal makeover

1 change-up
1 touch-up

1 bridal trial

DUO. 2120*

2 bridal makeovers

1 change-up
1 touch-up

1 bridal trial

TRIO. 2640

3 bridal makeovers

1 change-up
1 touch-up

1 bridal trial

SOLO. 1340*
1 bridal makeover

1 change-up
1 bridal trial

DUO. 1860*

2 bridal makeovers

1 change-up
1 bridal trial

TRIO. 2380

3 bridal makeovers

1 change-up
1 bridal trial

SOLO. 1000*

1 bridal makeover
1 bridal trial

DUO. 1520*

2 bridal makeovers

1 bridal trial

TRIO. 2040

3 bridal makeovers

1 bridal trial

SOLO. 880*

1 bridal makeover

1 change-up

DUO. 1400*

2 bridal makeovers

1 change-up

TRIO. 1920

3 bridal makeovers

1 change-up

SOLO. 580*

1 bridal makeover

DUO. 1100*

2 bridal makeovers

TRIO. 1620

3 bridal makeovers


| 1 fresh bridal makeover will require 2.5hrs (includes getting into your gown)
| Touch-up: touch up of makeup + hair
| Change-up: touch up of makeup + change of hairdo
| Packages with 2 or more
bridal makeovers can be split over 2 - 3 days within 6 months
| All packages come with a complimentary groom's makeover at the same location

| Groom makeover is non-transferable & optional
| Booking is open 1 year in advanced.
| Core & Canvas artist rates available, enq
uire for more.
| Enjoy additional perks from our vendor partners
| Enjoy 5% off on your next booking as a past client
| Scroll down to
T&Cs to view other complimentary services & surcharges



Look perfect in every shot when you hire an artist to follow through!

IN. 1580

1 fresh bridal makeover

change up of makeup & hairdo
follow through 4hrs indoors

OUT. 1880*

1 fresh bridal makeover

change up of makeup & hairdo
follow through 4hrs outdoors

bridal party



makeup + hairdo for mature ladies

300 (Chair artist)
250 (Core artist)
200 (Canvas artist)



regular ​makeup + hairdo

35(Chair artist)
300 (Core artist)
25(Canvas artist)



basic hair + makeup for men

200 (Chair artist)
170 (Core artist)
150 (Canvas artist)

| Mum & Regular Makeovers - 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min
| Men Makeover - 20min to 25min
| Regular makeovers are for bridesmaids & sisters, it can't be used for ROM/ casual PWS
| Mum and regular makeovers are priced differently as majority of the mums we have done sport shorter hairdos, thus we have chosen to price them lower.
| Chair artist is only available for bridal party bookings 3 months prior to event date.
| Core & Canvas artists are available for bookings 1 year in advanced.
| Enjoy $20 off per person when taken with a bridal package or when it's a booking of 1 artist to 2 persons
| Enjoy $30 off when makeover is done at artist's place (enquire for locations)



To confirm a booking, transfer a non-refundable deposit of 50% via Paynow (UEN 53407119L) or bank account to OCBC 601-335029-001 within the next 3 days or your slot will be released. An invoice will be sent to you shortly. Credit card payment accepted, payment has to be made 1 week before actual day, credit card charges apply.



1. All bridal makeovers include complimentary skin preparation, touch up kit, eyebrow grooming, premium falsies, groom's makeover and transportation within Singapore.

- Hair accessories can be rented at $50 with $50 refundable.

- Hair extensions can be rented at $100 with $50 refundable.

Items are to be couriered back to the artist's place and the deposits will be refunded upon receiving the items back.

2. All non-bridal makeovers include complimentary basic skin preparation, eyebrow grooming, regular falsies and transportation within Singapore.



Early • $120 | $80 | $60

Applicable for makeovers that start at/before 4am | 6am | 8am.


Public Holiday • $50

Applicable for bookings that fall on a Public Holiday.


Distance • $50

Applicable for makeovers at locations such as Sentosa, Coney Island, Pulau Ubin etc.

Late • $50

Applicable if client is late and the makeover starts more than 30min after scheduled time. Likewise, amount will be refunded if the artist were to be late for 30min or more.

Overdue • $50

Applicable if payment is not received within 1 week after service has ben provided for.



• Changes to your booking date is allowed once, up to 1 year with no additional cost. This is only applicable for bookings affected by Covid regulations or unforeseen circumstances.

• Subsequent postponement or postponement not due to Government regulations will incur a 15% fee on your total invoiced amount as potential clients could have been turned away for your original date.

• In the event Canvaseety is not available for the new timing/ date from the postponement, the company will assign the next best artist for the new date, or you can choose to convert the deposit amount into credits that can be used for other services. Credits will expire after 1 year from initial scheduled date. 

• Rescheduling a week prior to the event date will incur a fee of 25% instead of 15% on the total invoiced amount.


• Deposit is strictly non-refundable. 50% of the deposit amount will be forfeited while the remaining 50% will be converted into credits to be used for other services. Credits cannot be used on the same day, it needs to be used within the next 1 year. Cancellation a week prior, event date as the 7th day, will automatically forfeit your full deposit amount.


Our rates are revised once every 8 - 12 months based on the demand and the varying rates (inflation, interest, GST) in the country.


All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitised before every makeup application. If you have sensitive skin and/ or are allergic to anything, do let us know in advanced and bring your own products along for the trial and/ or Actual Day. Canvaseety cannot be held liable for any damages or allergic reactions



Canvaseety may use the images taken during the trial or Actual Day on the website and/ or in any advertising media platforms that is deemed appropriate. Should you prefer not to have your images shared, do let us know in writing to!

Canvaseety reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice.

T & C
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